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Who am I?
My name is Marc Brassé. I was born on the 16 April 1961 in the Dutch town of Nuth, near Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands.

I live together with Sjoukje van de Laar. We´re not married, which makes me live in sin according to many people (Nice!) but we have a very close relationship and are the proud parents of 2 sons, Raphael (called after the painter) and Merlijn (called after the magician).

As a professional person, in the sense of getting paid for what one does, I have worked as an entrepreneur / engineer / developer in environmental technology, composite plastics and wind energy.

Though this will probably sound pretentious to some people I can only describe myself as a bit of a Homo Universalis, a universal man. A lot of things interest me and provoke me into playing with the underlying concepts. I am also a very strong holistic thinker. Everything in the universe is connected and I have always found it very easy to see the connections and follow them.

This expresses itself in everything I do. I am extremely creative and it is unthinkable for me to not be working on one of my many interests.
Yes, I am a strange case and even proud of it!

Why this site?
During my whole life I have found it difficult to find people who can follow my thoughts or even appreciate them. I think the human society is only tailored for those that are average. If you do however stand out (too) much, be it in a positive or negative manner, you are in deep trouble.

Anyway. When you are creative and have a high output you of course want to share your ideas and thoughts with others. What use is being creative if you only use it to scratch your own itches and the results land on some dusty shelf? This site is my way of reaching out to likeminded people.

Do you like it?
Feel free to contact me and share your thoughts in return. So if you have any well meant comments and / or positive criticisms feel very free to express them. And if you have information to share or your own enthusiastic tales to tell also be sure to contact me.

Let´s get legal: Concerning copyrights
It´s obvious all the contents of this site are my personal intellectual property. Use it for your personal pleasure, print it, copy it, share it. But never claim it as your own and / or exploit any of it commercially. If any money is to be made from this I should receive my rightful share! If you do however see commercial possibilities and are a trustworthy party feel free to contact me.

All rights reserved Marc Brassé