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Professional Life

Professional? What´s professional?
Is it a state of mind or is it the mere fact of earning money from what you do?

If the first definition applies I think that as a true, almost obsessive perfectionist I can claim to be a full professional.
But this section is concerned with the second definition. The "art" of making money.

The better things in life rarely make any money and although I try to keep the content of these pages as positive as possible this is where reality catches up a bit with all good intentions.

Let me put it this way: Being result oriented and productive should make one a prized possession in the professional market. But precious few employers are prepared to also accept the disadvantages of involving someone with an over-active and over-productive mind. What makes matters even worse in my case is that I am a natural holistic thinker who can pull thoughts out of every corner, even those who are supposed to stay in the shades.

What has often happened to me, especially in the last 10 years or so of my "professional" life, is that an ever bigger discrepancy grew between what I was called on paper and what I did in practice. The CV below contains some rather extreme examples of this.

In every social structure there are discrepancies between nominal power and real world power. If there however are too many of such inconsistencies an organization becomes susceptible to unrest imposed by politics and power struggles. I think this effect is nowadays very common because Western society basically has become decadent. Everybody wants to rule the world, including the talentless. Furthermore those who are the least capable are the most afraid of those who are able to perform and therefore tend to hone their (anti)social skills.

If you are productive in such an environment many people automatically perceive you as a threat. Therefore playing "the game" has become more important then being of any true substance and being knowledgeable about your chosen subject has become about the least important.

This is a ridiculous situation which already has a marked influence on our society (It for instance is one of the most important factors in our present economic downturn). It is my prediction this, as history has already shown us time and time again, is only the start of an even stronger decline.

Those who do not shy away from such grave thoughts are invited to go to the WRITING section and download my essay called "The Caveman Condition".

In this section I'll confine myself to a description of my professional past. And please believe me: Everything stated below is true. I really performed these jobs.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Marcus Wilhelmus Elisabeth Marie Brassé
First name: Marc
Surname: Brassé
Date of birth: 16-04-61
Place of birth: Nuth
Nationality: NL (Dutch)

My strongest assets are:
Job History:

01-11-09 / now: Thinker, composer, musician, designer, writer, painter, tinkerer. In short: man of all seasons.

Freedom of thinking comes at a price. It means you'll never get rich. See the rest of this website

01-08-07 / 01-11-09: Senior Tooling Engineer (Suzlon Blade Technology, Hengelo, Netherlands)

AE-rotor / SBT is an engineering firm in wind turbine blade technology. It does not have a production facility but delivers technology to it owner Suzlon, which itself has factories in India, The U.S.A. and China.
I performed analysis, (re)defined project definitions and compiled reports about innovative technology (for instance about the mechanization and automation of the production process).
Furthermore I devised new tooling concepts and supervised engineers and draughtsmen during the detailing of such concepts.
I for instance devised a method to repair wind turbine blades while they are still connected to the turbine hub. I also studied possibilities to place the seams of the prefab parts on aerodynamically less critical parts of the blade surface. But also very practical small tools where part of my output. I for instance designed a putty modeling tool to improve the shape of the, aerodynamically very important, blade leading edges.
I also regularly visited factories, production facilities and trade fairs (for instance in the U.S.A., China, India, Germany and France).

13-03-06 / 01-08-07: Senior Manufacturing Engineer / Project leader (Deen Polyester Constructies, Emmeloord, The Netherlands)

My activities as a project leader where mainly focused on the wind energy sector. Deen produced nacelle covers and spinners for General Electric, Repower, De Wind / EU-Energy and Harakozan. I Planned and supervised these projects in the factory and kept contact with customers and suppliers concerning technical aspects and quality control.
As Senior Manufacturing Engineer I designed molding solutions with 3D computer software. Furthermore I supervised the conversion of these designs into hardware. Part of these solutions where the turning and release systems of big molds. One of my first projects was the design of a spinner mold for singularly molded Repower spinners that enables the release of the product in 30 minutes in stead of 8 hours. If I am correctly informed this is now considered to be the standard solution for the production of Repower spinners.
After a big fire at Deen in October 2007 which destroyed the whole wind parts production facility I designed all the new molds Also I put a proposal together for an efficient layout of the new production building. I for instance designed modular, mobile finishing cabins which had the advantage of being easily adaptable to changes in the product mix.

01-01-05 / 01-01-06: Manufacturing Engineer / calculator (Indupol International BV, Arendonk, Belgium)

Indupol produces Polyester parts for the automotive industry. Here I was involved in the design of the polyester sleeping cabin for the new DAF XF-105 truck. Furthermore I worked on parts for busses, horse trailers and Lawn mowers (for instance John Deere).

01-12-93 / 01-01-05: Entrepreneur (Holimex Milieutechniek and Pollutrap BV, The Netherlands)

Initially I continued the sales activities in the market for the individual treatment of wastewater (see period 01-06-93 / 01-12-93), off course supplemented by the extra work of running a company.
In the beginning of the 90ties I started up our own production facility under the name Pollutrap BV. The specialties where polyester composites and steel.

01-06-93 / 01-12-93: Technical / commercial employee (Holimex Technische Handelsrondeneming, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands).

Holimex was a rubber and plastics trading company that also had a product line in individual wastewater treatment. When my employer decided to stop this activity I proposed to take over this part of his business under the terms of a contract (see period 01-12-93 / 01-01-05).

01-11-91 / 01-06-93 Office manager (ATC International BV, De Meern, The Netherlands)

18-09-90 / 31-10-91 Technical / administrative employee (OPG Vastgoed BV, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

01-07-88 / 24-08-90 Testing technician plastic laboratory (DSM Limburg BV, The Netherlands)

11-02-85 / 01-07-88 Process operator chemical industry (DSM Limburg BV, The Netherlands)

Additional information:

1973 to 1977   MAVO-4 (Middelbaar Algemeen Voortgezette Onderwijs / Medium General Advanced School).
1977 to 1980   MTS Engineering (Middelbare Technsiche School / Medium Technical School).
1980 to 1982   HAVO (Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs / Higher General Advanced School).
1983 to 1984   AIVE (Academie voor Industriële Vormgeving Eindhoven / Academy for Industrial Design ​Eindhoven).
1985 to 1986   VAPRO-B Proces Operator Chemical Industry.

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